Saturday, November 7, 2009

Zeitgeist Refuted

About a year or more ago, an online film made the rounds on the Internet (starting at Google video), a film called "Zeitgeist The Movie" (the "Zeitgeist" means the "spirit of the age" - for ex. the Nazi regime under Hitler, with all of Germany falling in line and being swept up in the ordeal would accurately be called the "Zeitgeist" of Nazi Germany). It soon became VERY popular. The second half of the movie concentrated on what many Christians would call the coming One World Government, and the Antichrist system. It does a good job of giving a realistic scenario of where the World very well may be headed. The problem with Zeitgeist The Movie is really found in the first half - an extremely anti-Christian propaganda, based on what I would call very misleading, deceptive, and biased "facts."

If you have not seen the film - good. It has shipwrecked many peoples faith in the bible (though the issues that it refutes are, for the most part, Catholic tradition, and NOT actual, biblical facts). But if you HAVE seen it, Elliott Nesch of holybibleprophecy.org has made a movie to refute the claims of Zeitgeist. If you would like to see a film that addresses the "facts" raised in Zeitgeist, the go HERE.

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