Sunday, August 31, 2008

Street Witnessing

A few years ago I used to take groups out to go street witnessing in local skateparks, etc. Then, my family and I moved out of state, and street witnessing went on hold, so-to-speak. Sure, I would give a gospel track to a truck driver delivering a load to the metal shop I work at - or witness to a co-worker, etc., but that was about it. Then the LORD began to put it into my heart again to begin to go out witnessing. A couple of weeks ago it was my daughters birthday, and one of the things she wanted to do was to go to the local mall and witness - so we did, and had a great time (my 2 oldest boys joined us). So then, when my wife's birthday came along (about a week later), she decided to uphold the tradition, so back to the mall we all went for some more gospel preaching/witnessing. It was great.

This last week I was in Ignacio, Co. doing some work (putting up a rental fence for American Fence around an extension tent/concert stage set-up that the Sky Ute Casino was putting up for "Bike Week" - a four day biker event not unlike a mini Sturgis), and thought that it would be a great place for some street witnessing, but lamented the fact that I didn't really have anyone to go with. I wasn't too sure about taking my kids to such an ordeal, not knowing how immodest, and who-knows-what-else it could/would be.

Saturday evening I received an email from some friends telling us that they had watched some Ray Comfort DVD's that day, got convicted, and went out witnessing on the streets! My wife emailed them back and told them that I had wanted to go witnessing in Ignacio, and that I would be willing to go out with them some time if they would like. They emailed back and said "how about tomorrow (Sun. - TODAY!!). So today, I, along with my daughter and 2 oldest sons, met up with our friends in Ignacio for "Bike Week" to do some street witnessing - and man was it interesting! I'm so proud of my 3 kids - they gave out gospel tracks like pros. It was interesting to watch my younger son hand gospel tracks to some big, leather clad bikers! The responses were, for the most part, not too welcoming, but we had a great time serving our King Yeshua (who said, in some of His last words to His disciples, "Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature"). Our friends did great too, especially considereing the fact that they really hadn't done a lot of street witnessing, and handing out tracks. We all certainly stuck out like sore thumbs out there amidst a sea of Harleys and black leather. Oh, we also got rained on pretty heavily. The greatest part though is that my kids absolutely LOVED it, and my younger son told his Mom when we got home that he decided he didn't want to use his money to go buy toy army men anymore - he wants to buy gospel tracks and "preach the gospel!"

If you have not handed out gospel tracks in the streets (or malls, schools, etc.) - and if you have not personally witnessed in the streets, let me tell you that you are missing out on one of the most blessed, terrifying, awesome, and glorious things you could do as a believer and disciple of Jesus Christ. And if you are not sharing your faith at all, you are in disobedience to Jesus who told His disciples to preach the gospel to everyone. Please let me encourage you to allow your desire to obey Jesus - and your compassion for others, to see them saved by the gospel TO God, and from eternity in hell, to motivate you to open up your mouth and tell them the good news; to hand them a gospel track (and run if necessary for fear :); to leave a gospel track in a waiting room/gasoline pump/grocery store/bank drive-up teller/library, etc. Time is running short. The Messiah is returning. Get in your bible daily. Seek the Lord hourly. and last but definitely not least, do something for the kingdom.



Tina C said...

Those are some sweet memories for me, going out with you guys. I miss your family and you. Thanks for sharing both your faith and your story. It's good encouragement.

JRM said...

Thanks Tina for your kind words. We miss your family as well, and going out witnessing with you all. Do you guys still go out witnessing?

Tina C said...

From time to time I'll go with our friends who go frequently. The twins have gotten very heavily involved with Campus Crusade and do various outreaches around their campuses (Karissa at UofA and Ellie at ASU). In fact they just went to Santa Monica for a special summer project, it was a lot like a mission trip to California.

Melissa said...

wow! that is awesome Jason!! gosh, I have not even done what your children have done, kudos to your kids. Go Kayla for starting a new family tradition :) I love it! I cannot even imagine how much of a blessing that must be to see your children willingly share Gods love at such a young age.

"I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in truth."
3 John 1:4

Praise God :)

JRM said...

Yea, it's truly a blessing Missy. I am very, very grateful to the LORD. I think, being in the days that we are in, that we just have to be about the LORD's business. We have to swallow our fears, and talk to people.