Friday, August 15, 2008

The Shack

Many of you are probably familiar with this (now very popular) book. I have my thoughts on it, but I have read several other articles about it that I thought were well done. Since I can't figure out (yet) how to get the direct link in my posts, I will simply give the URL and you can paste in into your browser address bar.




(The above is a little lengthy, but good.)


(The above is from the Berean Call - simply scroll down to the Questions and Answers section to read the Question, and Dave Hunt's response.)


Tina C said...

Thanks for clearing that up, I had heard some people recommend this book, but hearing this information I don't think that I'm interested any longer.

JRM said...

I am a little concerned that it is being embraced by so many Christians - even Gayle Erwin (who's endorsement is on the back... or inside cover, I don't remember which)! In a day when there does seem to be a bit of a falling away in the church, and so many aberrant theologies and ideas popping up, do we really need a book like this that, at best, blurs the lines on God, and at worst (which I lean towards) totally reinvents God (which is Idolatry) - I mean, how does someone completely re-imagine God, apart from how He has revealed Himself to us in scripture?!?


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the wisdom here. This is a very popular book in Christian circles in my area. My pastor endorsed the book to the congregation...need I say more. The danger is how deceptively this book has slid in under the radar...as you said if we are not in the Word daily how can we learn discernment? Great links...
Blessings, Jen