Saturday, May 1, 2010

Resistance On A Bicycle

My wife and I listened to a man speak about two months ago about his experience of growing up in Holland during WWII. His name is Dirk Van Leenan. His parents had a direct impact during that time as they were a part of the resistance - hiding Jews, smuggling food cards, etc.

He wrote two books, one of which we purchased a couple of weeks ago, titled "Resistance on a Bicycle." It's very gripping, and I wanted to make mention of it, and encourage you to read it. I believe that when people have experienced things such as the holocaust, it is our responsibility to listen to their stories, especially at a time when there are actually people in the world who DENY that it happened! Well, you can't silence the truth. The rocks will cry out, if necessary!

My family and I had to move to AZ. temporarily for work, and Dirk happens to own a Flower shop just two miles or so from where we are staying. So if you are in "the valley" in AZ. (Mesa, Chandler, Gilbert, Phoenix, etc.), then I want to urge you to make your floral purchases through "Roses Galore Floral Designs" located at 3048 E. McKellips Dr. in Mesa.

Here is the link to where his book can be purchased - or, if you are in Mesa, you can go to his flower shop and purchase it there, and say hi to him (and have him sign it).

May we not let the memory of the events of the holocaust, and the many precious people who suffered by it be lost.

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