Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The Curse That Is Pursuing Us

There is no doubt at all, if anyone wants to take the time to investigate, that this Country was largely started with Christian foundations, by largely Christian men who held a "Christian/Judaic" belief system that certainly informed our Republic, policies, and even foreign perspective, especially towards Israel. Were there non-Christian, as well as even "New World/Age" Luciferian, Illuminatists involved as well? Sure. But for the most part, we were largely Judeo/Christian in our heritage. This is evident by the fact that not only do our founding documents show a foundation that is firmly rooted in the Hebrew scriptures (the bible), but also in the personal writings of many of the "founders" of this Country. There is also the undeniable evidence of God's incredible blessing upon this Nation for the last 232 (counting from 1776 to present) years.

However, this is drastically changing. Both the fact that we were a "Judeo/Christian" Nation, and God's blessing upon us. A read through Deuteronomy 28 reveals how God deals, first with Israel, and then in likewise manner any Nation that follows Him, or turns from Him (cf. Jeremiah 18 on God's dealing with Israel, and the Nations). Is it not apparent that America is beginning to go down the road of curses? Case in point: Several articles that WND posted recently about our own Border Patrol agents not firing back when fired upon by drug smugglers for fear of losing their jobs, or even being arrested as was Border Patrol agents Ramos and Campean. You can read about them here, and here, et al, thus allowing us to be overrun with "aliens" (strangers, ie, non-citizens). We are being invaded daily, and increasingly so as time goes on.

What is happening in, and to our Country? I'll tell you what is happening. Whether or not every single person in this Country from the time of it's inception to now was/is a "Christian", we did indeed once function as a whole under biblical principles, and we supported Israel to a large degree (probably more so than any other Nation in History has). We no longer function so. Though just about as many people today claim to be Christian, the behavior of most, our "entertainment", our elected officials, our dealing with Israel (trying to divide up the land into a two-state "solution"), etc., etc., etc. (to quote the King and I) proves to be quite the opposite. We are not a largely Christian Nation (I mean in practice as a whole). And thus, per Jeremiah 18, we are beginning to be "pull[ed] down, and...destroy[ed]" (cf. Jer. 18:7).

America (this means you if you live in America) - repent! Wake up! Open up your eyes!



Anonymous said...

Amen! If only this was preached from our pulpits!

Blessings, Jen

JRM said...

Oh how I wish it were. Rev. Ch.'s 2,3 need to be poured over, expounded upon, and preached from the rooftops to the Church. The gospel needs to be preached on the street corners to everyone else. But we'd rather have Purpose Drivel (oops, sorry, "Driven"), name and claim, health and wealth, Shack, blah, blah, blah.

Lord help us.


rkm said...

Although prophesied that the world will get worse as the days of noah, it is sad our country is moving from being a blessed nation to a cursed one. Where are the men of God that once united and lead this country?